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Anvil substitute

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Any chunk of steel, preferrably big, a very common one is Rail Road rail. Just head to a scrap yard and look for something. Ideally you want something fairly heavy with good mass, avoid cast iron anvils like the ones they sale at harbor freight....................... Rocks have been used, I am not recomending a rock, I was just saying that a starter " Anvil " something to get you going on the low budget is one of those things that seems to be over thaught often. Your best bet is to probably head to a scrap yard.

If you share your location that may help. A lot of guys on here know some really great sources of such things local to them. You may be pretty close to someone willing to help out with some of these

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For over 2000 years a big rectangular solid chunk of metal has been used as an anvil; the London pattern got it's pritchel about 200 years ago. So which one is a "real anvil"?

They are not substitute anvils they are ANVILS!

May I commend this to your attention as one possibility: http://www.marco-borromei.com/fork.html

Also I once used the broken knuckle of a RR car coupler as an anvil---it had a flat place and a curved place and weighed about 80 pounds and was a whole lot better than a HF ASO made from cast iron!

In my shop I have a chunk of large shafting about 9" in diameter and 5 thick---it can be oriented to either work on the flat or the curve.

Also keep your eye open for old damaged anvils---I bought an anvil that is missing it's heel; but it still had an excellent face and a fair horn. I paid $40 and it weighs over 125# even missing the heel---it's the one I had my advanced class sledging on yesterday as they are unlikely to dammage it further!

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