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atha hammers - looking for a 2-3 lb one in this style


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hi i am looking for a 2 to 3 lb atha hammer similar to this one which is a 6lber
i love this hammer but for most things its a bit on the hefty side
so long story short dose anyone know if they every made a smaller version of this one i have it in a 12lber as well that i found at a yard sale for 2 bucks and resurrected

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I'd try grinding down a stone workers hammer of similar configuration and re-heat treating. (make sure it's not a steeled WI hammer beforehand!)

I wouldn't suggest doing this to an ATHA hammer though as the collectors will generally be happy to subsidize you buying a couple of others to re-work just to get their hands on one of those.

Note that you can have a rewarding relationship with a tool collector who might be happy to send damaged tools your way to be re-worked for your use in return for a smaller number of tools in good shape going their way---or money for that matter! A lot of tools that just need dressing---regular maintenance during use will be abjured by a collector who only want's "unused" examples. I'm not so picky.

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points taken i was more just trying to find out if anyone knew if atha made a 2 /12lb or a 3lb version of this hammer i have 2 atha hammers and i like them they have a nice sound and a sort of soft yet lively rebound
and once again while i enjoy making my own tools i also enjoy having much older tools that i know have passed through other hands before mine
i just don't need them to be pretty when they get to me

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i always stop at junk shops when i have the time and paw through the random piles i got a nice 2 1/2 cross peen bell system hammer that way for a buck or so it has a realty nice oval shaped slightly rounded striking surface that has been perfect for working metal where people want nice pretty hammer marks left in at the end

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it is the same on both ends they are rectangular and equal length from the the eye and i am unsure it looks similar to some of there stone hammers but all of those i could find had a blunt blade or state peen off of the back
its sort of a bummer its a really impractical size hammer the 6 and the 12 lber but like i said before it has a wonderful rebound so that i keep trying to find a way to use it
also i am a sucker for esthetics
as to getting one made it is a truly generous offer but the 15bucks i spent on this one was painful i am unfortunately on a very tight budget sins being laid off from my third job lol
i run my families small beef farm and at nights i am the handy man for a office
at some point when i can spend more cash on things that are fun i will keep this offer in mind but currently my blacksmithing <- (this really should be a word) has to be a self funding bootstrap operation
once more Frank thankyou for the offer

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