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Hi everyone, i have a freind who went to an auction and bought about 30lbs of silver cutlery, mis matched sets and broken peices, most is solid silver but there is some that are plated copper, my question is what kind of set up would i need to melt it down? and what would happen if i melted down the plated? would the two metals seperate or would they act differantly?

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Silver and copper will mix if melted together and form an alloy. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Britannia silver has more copper, and is harder.


There are also brasses that contain silver such as Billon


You may want to cut the flatware before melting to make sure what is what.


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Don't mix them! The silver plated stuff will have little silver in them and so will be most like throwing that much base metal into the other silver. Try to melt each alloy separately (ie fine siver with fine silver, sterling with sterling, coin silver with coin silver, etc)

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