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I Forge Iron

Fun evening!

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Well, I've spent my evening fabricating a side-draft hood for the forge in my little smithy. I got the idea from the one in Hofi's blueprints. I wouldn't say I copied it, because it's not in any way a fair reproduction of his. I did take the general design, and go from there. I don't yet have the knowledge to weld, or the tools, so I've built up an angle iron framework, and bolted it together. Tomorrow, I will attach the sheet metal to enclose the frame, and I'm hoping to get it installed by Saturday. I will then need to get the pipe for the smoke stack, and then it's "Katie bar the door"!!! I'll post pictures when I get it in place, and then of course of the finished product and first fire in my new (to me) digs! ;)

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Well Frosty here are a few pics. It ain't pretty, but it didn't cost me a penny; and if it works well BONUS! ha ha. I've got to fit up a collar, and the pipe, with a support. As you can see, it is just propped in place at the moment. I will attach support legs on the end, and a support bracket on the stove pipe.





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Top of the smokestack needs to be at least 4' higher than the peak of the building to draw well, maybe more if surrounded by trees like you are.

Add a couple joints of sheet metal to the stack before scrapping what you have, only to find that is not tall enough either. Oh, and guy wires to hold it in place when the winds come.

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