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Been lurking and enjoying iforge for awhile. Figured it's about time I said hello.

I'm Steve White and I live an hour east of Des Moines, Iowa. Been 'smithin since '86 but playing with metal/junk/old tools for 35 yrs or so. I run Skunk River Forge as a verrrrrrrrrrrry small business making my special line of "trinkets and junk" and whatever else comes my way. Tractor parts, tools, sign brackets, whatever. I have been setting up at the IA State Fair for 16-17 yrs. Have made a few nice ($)pieces but mostly I just play and learn, oh, and bullxxxx alot with the 100's of friends I have made over the yrs.

I belong to the ABANA and the Upper Midwest, IL, And MO "affiliates". I am currently the editor of the newsletter for UMBA but am in the process of retiring from that after almost 7 yrs. 2yrs in one stint and 5yrs in the 2nd.
When people ask if I am a full time blacksmith I tell em if I was I would be a lot skinnier. To stay fed I work at a city water treatment plant (drinking water).

Just checked...it's 5 below out. Goin out to light the gas forge and then come back in for some more coffee while the shop warms up. Enjoy the iforge site and the format.

Take everything I say with a grain of salt and even if it ain't funny it probably seemed so on my end.

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Steve, IForgeIron will provide blacksmithing or metal working organizations a forum on this site if it is requested by your organization. It is a great way to stay in touch with the membership, and promote the group world wide. If the Upper Midwest would like a forum, please contact me.

Welcome to the site.

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Heya Ten Hammers, thanks for the welcome.

"We met at Haverhill (I rode up with Larry Crow)"

I won't hold that against you ;-) Hoping to see Larry in IL this weekend. I saw a pic in the gallery here that included you and J. Teslow. Haven't seen him I bet in 15 yrs, last I knew he had moved to CA. I see there is a hammer-in down your way the same weekend as our spring conference in Haverhill. Sorry I'll miss it.

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I also want to welcome you.
It was enjoyable to talk to you last night on the chat.
Because of people like your self who are advocates of this site, it is on a fast track to becoming a foundation of useful information, communications, and just a fun place to visit for the blacksmith and metal worker.
Be safe!

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