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Minnesota Conference & Class Pics

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Brian and I arrived at the Little Log Cabin grounds Wed., afternoon and set up shop. Thursday morning we were off and forging. 10 stations were set up and 20 people were fully involved in some heavy forging. We all had a great time. Good food, good people, and I think every student had a brain resembling a big sponge. We hope they all soaked in as much as they could stand. The people showed great interest, and were very appreciative. I can see why Brian enjoys sharing what he has learned over the years. When people can truly want to learn it shows in what they produce, and these guys produced. Hot Cuts, cupping tools, hammers, punches, top and bottom fullers. It was great. Dave and Arlene opened their home to us, and we truly felt at home. Thanks for everything. I tried to keep getting pics, but it is tough to do sometimes. Here is what I was able to get.


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LDW it was great having you up.
Too bad you missed the white stuff on the grass a day or two earlier
As always LDW does all the work and Brian got the credit.
I did not hear anything negative on the learning expierience. Looked to be a lot of tired out blacksmiths at the end of the day
Heard a lot of Brian sure moves the metal
I was lucky enough to end up with the 3D horse head steak turner. Pays to know the auctioneer

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That all looks very familiar. Howard Clark and I were the demonstrators at the Conference in 2008. We had a great week staying with Mike Blue and his family. We also called in to see Myron Hanson on the way through and spent a wonderful afternoon at Tom Latenes eating his wifes soup and crusty bread under the shade of the trees. Good times spent with friends.


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