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Gas forge burner

Kid Blacksmith

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So you're bound and determined to go with gas, huh? I think that may be a mistake for someone with a budget as limited as yours seems to be, but so be it.

It'd be helpful to know what tools you have. Drill press? Electric hand drill? Do you have a variety of bits? Do you have access to any taps? Flaring tool for copper tubing?

Here's a good thread. http://www.iforgeiro...-and-made-this/

Please remember that propane is very flammable, and heavier than air (so it will collect in low spots). Leaks can be dangerous. It'd be a great idea to get an adult involved in this project.

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hi evryone i am trying to build a gas forge and would like to ask everyone for step by step instructions on how to build a gas forge burner.The simplest one that puts out the most heat for the lowest amount of money.

If you contact me on the side I'll walk you through a simple but effective burner. The only thing being you'll need to convince me you have the skills to do it right and have enough sense to build your own gas appliance. Do you have any idea how long your folk's insurance company would carry your homeowners if they found out?

A knife forge is really easy, 2-3 insulating fire bricks is more than enough to make one.

Frosty the Lucky.
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