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I also welcome you to the IFI. After reading your post, I did some homework.
I found that you only live about 206 miles from me. I live in eastern Utah.
At one time I belonged to a group of blacksmiths in Colorado. They are called the "Rocky Mountain Smiths”. The contact person (RMS – Editor) is Kalah May. Phone: 303-838-2619. Bailey Colorado.
They are an excellent group of blacksmiths. As I remember, they held demos all around Colorado.
I cannot travel much any more, so I don’t visit the demos.
Be safe!

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Hi Larry.
I noticed your location is clifton Co. while reading one of your posts tonite.
Ted is right the Rocky mountain smiths is a decent group. Their main get together every year is in carbondale not to far from you. Last time I checked the cross Orchards living history museum on paterson Rd. had begining blacksmithing classes and maintained a smithy on site. Try checking there I'm sure they could point you to some local smiths, or more likely try to enlist you to do demo's.
If You would like to gab feel free to give me a call @ 303-456-0102 the name is john. I usually get down to clifton several times a year , as most of my family lives there.

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