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A Candle Holder from the Next Generation

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This is a project by my 15 year old son who has been smithing with me for about a year. He often is my striker on heavier projects. The candle holder was made from three pieces of 1/4" square stock that were heated to forge welding temps and then twisted to weld together. After that he scrolled off the ends by had and then used an electric MIG welder to fix the hand forged square candle squares to the frame. The candle squares were made by curving up the corners of square cut flat stock and then using a black iron pipe as a tool to re flatten the center so the candles will sit flat.

He gave it to his grandmother as a present.
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That's a darned nice piece!

Check through Brian Brazeals how to posts and see if he included one showing how he puts a candle point in a candle holder. A candle needs a point to keep it from falling off if jostled.

Well done, The both of you.

Frosty the Lucky.

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