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Sheds, workshops etc.

Mick C

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I run a small business supplying sheds and workshops, all wooden construction, I am looking for plans for American style sheds and workshops to add to my products. If anyone can help can they send info via my e-mail.


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Mick C,
What size buildings are you looking for. Here in Central Illinois, USA, we still have quite a few LARGE barns standing (by Large I mean big enough that you could fit 4-8 farmhouses inside of the barn!! You'd probably want to miniaturize the shapes). We also have quite a few smaller workshops/sheds/garages, and I have seen at least 2 or 3 very unique artists/sculptors studios in the area. I might be able to provide you with some decent pictures from the outside, but as far as floor plans and internal structuring goes, you'd be on your own, but for exterior ideas they'd be great.
-Aaron @ the SCF

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I love sheds. Other peoples' especially. The more personal the better. Prefab tin models don't really turn me on as it's very hard to add that personal touch. Great to hear you're knocking up timber ones. Funnily enough my job also involves building sheds. These however can be up to 200m long and 100m wide and are mostly steel and concrete...boring.

Check out

Cattleman Huts in the High Country


Hut Reviews - Wallace's Hut

I wonder if the fencing-wire toaster I made thirty years ago is still there?

These sheds have character, Actually they're cattlemaens huts for living in but They'd make terrific sheds. You already have the plans!! They're in your head. It's a matter of make do with what you have at hand.

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Built this one 4yrs ago, used it as blaksmith shop till I moved in to bigger one. 12X8, had forge hood, anvil and treadle hammer inside, gas forge was on the porch area when in use. Still use it to store the collectable stuff. Drywalled insulated and wired, a good little shop.


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