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250 # hay budden

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Jim, BUY IT!!! but offer less, the worst he can say is no and you haven't lost anything! and you may get it for less. I would offer $625==$2.5p/lb and see where that goes. might even try $2.25p/lb first as that is not much below his asking price (2.80p/lb) and won't/shouldn't tick him off. If it was close to me you would be out of luck, cause it would be in my shop!! We don't get them in that shape or size around here much. Good luck.

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Thanks for the information. I just saw a nice 155 pound Hay Budden sell for $450 at an auction, but wasn't sure if $700 was too high. I told the fella to hold it for me and sent a deposit on it. Will pick it up next month when I can swing by his place.

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I tried to buy a Hay Bud around that same size and price- in real good condition, but the guy did not want to take half down and the rest in two weeks. I was a little bummed out until I found a 410 lb Trenton for $1.22/ lb it has a repaired edge on one side but it is 410 lbs

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WOW East coast pickers I paid 150 for my 115 Hay Bud last Wed. in a private deal.
Then he told me to go out to the barn and pick a leg vise for 50 bux if I wanted it. So I did.

I am going to purchase a small fisher 50 lbs I think for around 2 bux a pound from StuarttheSmith just to have a "real" small anvil.
Woulda took the fisher home today but I bought a cannon yesterday. Not a signal maker either.
So funds are tight.
Nice thing about Pa and the east coast in general. It's old roots in US history. Lots of good stuff laying around.

East coast pickers.
That anvil with the "SOLD" tag. Are you the one selling them on craigslist?
I sent a e-mail and got no response on a anvil. With the same pictures and a mess of anvils for sale. So I kept looking and found a 216 lbs Trenton for 500.00
then the Hay Budden I bought for 150.00
I had every plan on going to get the Trenton this weekend but found the Hay B. last Sunday and picked it up Wed. instead of the Trenton.

I just relized that east coast brought a 4 YO thread back to life.....!



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