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universal tongs


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I have used a pair of these tongs, and I dont like them. versatile yes, but a little heavy and bulky. I use a pair of 1/4'' bolt tongs from OCP that i love along with a couple of tongs that i made. Now if you plan on working with a lot of angle iron these might be a good deal. they are well made, i just found they did not work for me.

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Eventually, you need to learn how to make your own tongs for the job at hand. Years ago, I, like you, (and probably many others) purchased tongs just to get going. Nothing wrong with that. It's how we all start. Fortunately for me, OCP was close at hand, and the selection was awesome at conferences. I still use those tongs and they have taken a beating. Kudos to Grant. Imho, they're probably the best commercial tongs on the market today for the $.

That being said, for me, the longer I smith, the more I want complete control of what I do, how I make it, and the tools I use. Self sufficiency appeals to me. It's the beauty of blacksmithing. We make it, we use it. Nothing is sacred. Tools come and tools go. And, we grow with each tool we make, use, abuse, discard, and ultimately make the tool necessary to do the job at hand.

So, have fun, make what you will with what you have. It's all good.


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i do make my own tools, but my theory was that because these are fairly big, and of good quality steel, that these will be a good buy, and i used some of alec.s ' tongs (OC) and i was very impressed by the quality.
but thank you for your input none the less, every bit of info is helpful

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