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Anyone recognize this vise?

Tom Allyn

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Does your columbian have bevels on the legs? The basic shape of the legs does look columbian but those funny bevels do not.

The 4" vise I picked up last Saturday has Columbian Vise Co, Cleve, standing proud of the back of the stationary jaw on it and has the "U-Bolt" mounting plate. Looks pretty much mint as the delicate lettering is clean and undamaged.

My 6" columbians do not have that funky bevel on them and do not have that type of screwbox.

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Stewart wrote, "It appears that someone replaced the mounting plate."

Yes, the mounting plate and spring have been replace. The vise is also heavily pitted from rust. But surprisingly the screw is in very good condition. Oh yeah, and I replaced the worn thrust nut with a throwout bearing.

At Thomas, yes the legs are beveled about 1/2" on all 4 corners (8 corners).

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In response to Unforgivun, yeah, the blower is a bit oversized. This whole forge was made out of salvaged scrap. The blower is off an old household furnace. It's controlled with a rheostat. Usually I run it at less than 1/2 speed. Full blast will blow the coal right out of the pot. Hahahahaha!

Here's a closer look at the vise.


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