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52lb Hay Budden

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Hello to all, I recenlty accuired a nice little Hay Budden it weighs 52 pounds, date is 1918. What is it worth?

Reason for asking is, I have a guy that wants to trade and anvil for a 155lb post vice , but the vice had the jaws re-worked basicly some welding done to the jaws and brackets.

What is fair market price for a budden of this size?? I am in Iowa anvils are scarce here too.

I didnt sand this previous owner did!

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the quite small "real" anvils go for a lot of money compared to the "normal" sized ones.

I'd say that it was worth quite a bit more than a postvise though 155# s a large vise. My last 6" postvise was 100 pounds according to the stamping. If it's an 8" vise then you may want to consider it as the very large vises are also rare.

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Thanks for the info, I will agree large vises are also hard to find in the wild, I already have 2 postvises one 66lb the other 75lb, so other than something to look at I dont need a 155lb-er, I am going to pass on the vise and keep the Little Budden,

thanks again Jeff

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