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I found it! But don't know what it is anymore.

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I found a blade blank from school. It was a CNC cutting project, and it is for a locking folder.

However, in the 10 years since cutting the blank, I don't remember what it is made of. I know that O1 and A2 were the tool steels that we used in class.

I know this was cut from tool steel in class. I am pretty sure it is A2 or O1.

Now, how do I go about determining what was used? Well, other than sending it out for analysis. (if analysis is only a few $+shipping I am game for sending it)

In the last decade it has not picked up any rust, but it has been kept indoors, and still has layout fluid all over it from the manual operations prior to CNC milling. It also has not been shaped into a blade yet.

The chemical analysis as posted for the materials is different, and the heat treat is quite different. A2 is heated to a higher temperature before quench. Tempering is similar for both materials.

If this sits for a while longer, then that is OK too. I lost the dumb thing for several years a couple moves ago.


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Rich gave me the blindingly obvious answer in chat, run the A2 process on it, if it doesn't harden, then normalize 2x and run the O1 process on it. The starting points for the two materials is a very different temperature.

I also need to read the stickies again.


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