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Trenton anvil advice.

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I'm looking to buy this trenton anvil and I want to know more about it. Can anyone help me out? It has the number 177 at the base It measures 25" in length and 10.5" in height. The base is 11.5" by 11.5". It has a 1" square hole and a 5/8" round hole. Is the 177 the weight? How old is it? How much would you buy it for?
I live 3 hours from it's location so I'm trying to gather as much info as possible. Thanks!





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Based on the dimensions it sounds like the 177 might be the weight. Is the 177 stamped on the left side of the front foot? If you provide the serial number (should be stamped on the right side of the front foot) then someone with a copy of Anvils in America can help you out with the year it was manufactured.

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Based on the pictures, the edges are fair to good, there is a sway to it (which is a sign of heavy use, and a feature for many people) and at some point it was dropped on its bick (common, minor, the bick may have been blunted for "safety" too.)

The anvil has had a good but hard life so far. It has lots of life left in it, and looks ready to use.


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Hi Madworks... that looks just like just like mine. Scroll down a few threads to "Anvil Identification - please" and take a look at my pix. The guys tentitively ID'ed mine as an early Trenton weighs 156# , the demensions are same as yours. The number on the front of the foot is "3156" . I would like to learn the age of mine too.
Joe B

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Price: well I'm anviled up---was very lucky buying anvils where they were very reasonable---Ohio, USA, only purchased one since I moved to New Mexico, USA where anvil prices are much higher.

We don't have a clue where you are so it's hard to give a basic price.

BTAIM I would think that US$1 a pound would be a great price and US$2 a pound a livable price if you are really needing an anvil and having trouble finding one. Above that I would want it in much better shape to even consider!

Now this is me; others will have other opinions (and may live in other places...)

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