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I am wanted to to me the slot in the steel before i drift it.I have been drilling holes in a like then file the web out between them, Then cleaning it up with a file.Would a hot chisel be simple or a hammer chisel work better. I am a one man team when it comes to hammeing.I hope that helped

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Yes a good slitting chisel is miles better to work with than drilling and filing.

Now it works a heck of a lot better still if you have a stout screwpress or treadle-hammer.

I slit 1" sq HC steel in one heat with my screwpress and a chisel held in a chisel holder---the chisel being made from a hot hard high alloy steel.

You can make an all in one tool that does both the slitting and the drifting in one go if you have a good bolster to go underneath the work piece.

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I just got a chance to see and use a Brian Brazeal slitting punch last weekend and it's WAY faster and cleaner than drilling or slitting and drifting. Brian uses the drift more to refine the eye shape and support it during forging than shaping the eye. A quick search of IFI will bring up his pics and descriptions of why and how it works.

Frosty the Lucky.

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