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Grease for sticky torch valve


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Hi. I bought a brazing torch set and found that the valves are a little sticky. It is a National 3A torch. What do you recommend for greasing the valves to free them up? I would be tempted to use Black Swan, but this might not be safe. The welding supply sells Krytox, which is definitely oxygen safe, but this is $81 for a 2 oz tub (enough for hundreds of torches). Dupont 111 might be OK, but it is not recommended for liquid oxygen service. Somebody suggested silicone high vacuum grease. I suspect that any of the non-petroleum based greases should be OK for low pressure oxy service, but its best to be safe.

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mixing the wrong grease with oxygen can cost you more than $81 use only a grease that is approved for oxygen service and don't guess at it. This is not the place to go cheap. The wrong grease + oxygen can result in fire or explosion.


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Hi fellas. Thanks for the advice. It's very helpful. I disassembled one of the valves and found out that it has an interesting configuration for a needle valve. There is the usual needle, the usual driving thread, packing, and a top thread on the packing nut. The last one is where it is corroded and binding. There should be no oxygen up here, and I would be a huge slob if I left one milligram of flake graphite up there. A microgram would probably suffice, and the hazard of that at 6 psi oxygen in the lower part of the valve is very small. I found out that Black Swan is not really silicone grease (it is silicone bearing) and is therefore not safe for oxygen service.

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