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I think you should mount it inside or a lot of the pots and pans will get rusty. :)

That looks nicely done. I like your tooling and proportions. Here are some suggestions I have from my experimentation with wall-mounted potracks:

1) Instead of S-hooks, consider using hooks with right-angle bends at the top. That way, the hooks leverage against the rack more firmly and the pots and pans don't swing around as much. You can also do very interesting things with that part of the hook, including tooling designs so that they become an integral design element of the bar itself.

2) You might have done it, but try to line up the mounting holes so they wind up at 16" intervals. That way if the pot rack is mounted on drywall (fairly common) the hardware will screw into studs. Honestly, it looks like you already thought of this, which is very good.

3) Don't be afraid to really pronounce the split scrolls at the end. They look cleanly done, so maybe you can split and scroll another few inches to get them more attention.

I note with satisfaction that you elegantly solved a common problem. If you didn't have that middle hanger, the bottom scrolls on the end would dig into the drywall (or panel) and over time do some damage as the pots and pans pulled down. Your hanger fixes that dilemma. Well done!

Thank you for sharing this very nice work.

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Very nice,

I like the way you used two pieces of square bar wrapped and collared together to make the main body instead of a single piece of flat bar. It takes more skill to do that than splitting the ends of a flat bar. Well done.

I would sugest that you use decorative fasteners to hang it it up instead of purchased hardware.

Excellent job!

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