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  1. Thanks Caius Here's a teaser on the hamon
  2. I forged welded a piece of 150 yr old wrought iron from a bridge spike and some 1095 high carbon steel then forged out the shape. It is 4 5/8" long and 1 1/8" at the widest and very sharp.
  3. This one I forged from W1 and gave it a clay coat and a water quench for what I hope will be a nice hamon. The edge is 12" long and 1 1/2" at the widest and 1/4" thick at the thickest.
  4. nice forge work there. isn't it amazing what you can do with red hot steel?
  5. Forged from WI and 1075 9" edge 13 1/2" overall water quenched clay coated The wolfs jaw might be a little artistic licence
  6. A multi use womens knife, useful in the kitchen as well as the battle
  7. I forged this one from 1065 medium carbon steel. The edge is 7" long with a 4 1/2" stick tang and is 1/4" at the thickest part.It has been clay coated and quenched in water to give it a true hamon that I think resembles a serpent. It is flat ground and has a very sharp edge
  8. No ,I just sell the blades to anyone that wants one.
  9. the blade only is up for sale ,I rarely make a finished knife,just like to forge blades
  10. Ferric chloride 3 to 1, water / ferric, hot water bath
  11. Thanks all it's a pretty thin blade so the quench was touchy but it turned out well
  12. Forged from 1095c clay and water quenched The edge is 6" long and the tang is 4 1/2"
  13. Very nice, must have been a big hog.
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