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Just sort of wondering Thomas.. I know you don't have anything against fisher, so I've gotta ask what fault you're taking with the little anvil. Not that I'm second guessing or anything I'm just wondering if there's something I'm not seeing wrong with it that maybe I should be looking for. I'm still a novice at some of this and just thought I'd ask.

I know we use an 80lb fisher with a face way more banged up than that one and it does fine for light work (wall hooks, meat turners, tongs etc) I was happy as a lark to see it in the garage too simply because it meant we had a HORN! A real horn! hehe. Before that we were using small sections of pipe vise gripped to the side of our piece of rail.

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My question is about the blower. Is the picture showing the entire blower? Crank missing? I don't believe that the side we're shown is the air intake side so where is the hub and the crank? What shape are the fins in on the fan? Oh so many questions.

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