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I Forge Iron

My first forge, is it workable?


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Hello, I was wondering if this forge will be usable, Its like a 55 forge but with a few modifications.
I don't know the exact dimensions of it, but I will post pictures, the pipe has holes in it for the air flow.
Would it be possible to use a air compressor as an air source? Thank you for your replies and feedback.

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Looks like a "lively" charcoal forge without the clay. The pipe is supposed to be running the length of a shaped clay trough, and this is a charcoal forge.

A clay mix: 3 parts sand, 1 part portland (the active ingredient in cement), and optional 1/2 part clay.

Mix with JUST enough water that it packs and breaks(instead of smashes) when squeezed with your hand.



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That can work, but you don't want your tuyere just floating out there in the middle of the tub. Add clay up to its level, and then build a firepot with it, like in this Lively style forge:


This is a good design for blades, but it's not as flexible as a more traditional firepot and tuyere.

As for the air compressor, it depends on how much air your compressor can provide. Might work, but I suspect it'll add a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your machine. There are better tools for the job.

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Yes you can use an air compressor. You can also use 20 euro bills for fuel. Is it cost effective?

A compressor puts out low volume high pressure air, the forge takes low pressure high volume; compressors are expensive and wear out with use. Little blower fans can be sourced cheap and last a long time. Visit your local heating and Cooling place and tell them what you are doing and ask about any of the assist fans for a super efficient furnace that they may have pulled out and replaced and so have them in their junk pile.

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