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New smith with his first few projects


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Hey everyone. I'm a pretty new smith, the last couple of years on and off but I've been able to do a lot in the last few months. I tried my first bit of knife making here and I've found a need for a decent pair of tongs. I have been using a pair of vaughans flat bit tongs but I really hate them so I made this pair. There were a lot of firsts in this piece: first pair of tongs, first riveting, first time I've had to match something precisely. Getting them to match up nicely was a little fiddly and I had to do a bit of altering to make sure they fitted smoothly. I did the rivet with some rivet snaps, it didn't work out very well the first time. It was all lopsided, so I cut it out and managed a much nicer one on the second attempt. I'm pleased with how they have turned out, they are so much more functional than the vaughans pair I was using before. I want to amke some square bits and some scrolling tongs next. I also made a hook out of some flat to christen the new tongs :D.







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really like them karn - love the hook its got a lovely look to it :) make sure you chack out the uk blacksmith guild link on here, john b is the member who runs it and he is a good bloke and a wealth of knowledge!

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I knocked this up today. Its a bit of a prototype atm so its still a bit rough. I'll make another to refine it some more, I shamelessly stole the idea from a photo of something similar I saw on here :P. Its a candle holder in case you didn't get that :D.


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New stuff!
A simple little beam hook, a coat hook, and a alternately twisted rail.
The twisted rail has a couple of dinks in where my twisting wrench dug in, I didn't quench it properly :(. I like the effect though so I'm gunna try and do it again, a little bit more evenly as well.




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