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1 inch vs 2 inch ceramic blanket

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Hey guys ,

Anyone ever use 1 inch ceramic blanket on propane forges? I have always spent the little extra to use the 2inch and it has served me well.
Just bought a box online and they sent me 1 inch, not sure if it is worth sending back or just to try 2 layers of the 1inch...
My one issue is if it will collapse down inside the forge. ( I use freon tanks as the body)
well let me know your opinion please
and thanks!!!

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Thanks for letting me know,

Just got on the horn with a real person about them sending me the wrong order and they seem to be easy to work with,
there supposed to call me back and let me know about sending me out what i ordered.

It should work out either way, just hope to have a couple forges done before our June meeting to sell!!!:)

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Yes the 1 in coiled twice around will do the job, but coating using the ITC product designed exactly for this problem does the best job. All forges should have this kind of protection and keeping a jar of this handy in the shop makes sence. Putting piece after piece of metal in the forge is bound to create little scraches and tears ; BUT it also improves the Efficiency. It uses "LESS" propane and any savings you can get is worth it in the long run! Most guys have problems with sagging, No not that! your insulation sagging, its a real problem most men have to deal with. I have seen 1/8 pins welded to the inside chamber of forges and 1 inch squares of metal with a hole in the centre. The insulation is stuck to the pins and the little squares hold it in place. The downside is they burn off in time and have to be replaced. Have Fun

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