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I completed this last night. It's for myself to help clear brush, but it's a good camp ax size. It's forged from heavy duty pickup axle, cleaned up by grinding, and heat treated. The handle is kind of hastily done, shaped down from a cruiser ax handle.





I'm still going to play some with the grind of the bevel.

I think it has darn sexy lines. Must be the sideburns on it. :) Had two folks already order one for themselves just from seeing it in my shop. Gotta get busy!

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Looks VERY cool,Stormcrow,i like it!Heck of a good practice doing this,no matter what!

The function of it i can't judge by the photo,and it's really subjective anyway.Have to say that the poll is pretty massive for that general shape/size.
Also not sure about the angle of the blade,but again,all that is contingent on the chore+operator preference.

The handle is so long it looks like those regional south-west Slav axes,that the Gutsul(for one)use as walking sticks,and never part from!

Great job,i really like it!

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I understand that a heavy poll like your ax has is good for splitting. Apparently the weight behind the blade twists as it hits the wood, throwing the blade sideways, and helps to open up the grain. This was the theory behind the splitting ax that Tom Clark invented and patented.

I looked up the Gutsul ax that Jake mentioned. According to Wikipedia it is called a "Bartok". I couldn't find any pictures though. Anyone have any? I've been thinking of making a walking axe for some time now.


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OK,here's one, http://www.blacksmith.com.ua/component/option,com_datsogallery/Itemid,2/func,viewcategory/catid,126/

The work is by Igor Fesenko.

If you wanted to look up some more,here're the words to search by:

гуцульский топор/бартка

Sorry,Stormcrow,to do this to your thread!But the similarity is uncanny!

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Thanks, guys!

Jake - The handle isn't that long, around 28 inches if I remember right. The head ended up very light, so good thing I have that poll on there!

Those walking axes are known by a bunch of widely varied names and the only one I can remember is the first name I learned it by, fokos. Aparantly the "s" is pronounced like "sh". A Google search will turn up a number of pictures with that.

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Great,again,i really like the shape that you ended up with,good sense of what's what,in tools!
Here,in Athapaskan-indian country,a real woodsman will also carry the axe at all times(i once was made to unpack the load that i've tied onto a pack-board,'cos like a supid whiteman i packed away the axe with other tools that we were humping).
The popular model here is a 1 3/4# Collins boy's axe(or any similar HBC type axes),also an Estwing all-metal jobs.The handle on practically all these is 26",so yours is rather long.And,some do hold it by the head when walking,but mostly just choked-up under the head.
Keep up the great work,and thanks,Jake

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Hey! I think I need to make me some of these! I could cut handles with it and keep my footing. Wade staff for flyfishing. Safely jab poisonous snakes! Collect interesting rocks! Fend off grizzlies in a tight spot (Jake knows about them I bet)! Folks, I am about to forge a fokos!

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A drift. :rolleyes: Sorry. I forged it out of some 1 5/8" round. I think I'll be playing around with punches and drifts and see if I can get one that'll fit a standard cruiser ax handle without a lot of re-working. Need to get that punching setup built for my press and stop freehanding it. :blink::)

ETA: I'll try to get a pic of the drift and punch I used for you.

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