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Bryce's Hammer Making Pics


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Bryce is here from Canada and will be staying with Brian and Karen for a while. He seems to be a level headed gentleman, and has learned a lot in his travels. He got his chance to make a hammer yesterday and did a good job striking. Again, I was working on the coal trailer, but stopped to take pictures often. See if you can tell the advantage of Brians newest set of hammer tongs in a couple of these pics.


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I see that the tongs have a much longer reach, the jaws are longer, so you can grab any part of the hammer from one side. I just made a set of hammer tongs last weekend more like the old design, they seem to work well I will be making more when I find time.
my tongs post-10376-0-93674200-1305900054_thumb.j
Fe-wood's tongs post-10376-0-48821600-1305900080_thumb.j

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That is one sweet looking hammer! How much does that one weigh? I saw no difference with those tongs... Even my tongs have that reach... so maybe it was new before me? Any way... it looks like you all have had a great time so far! Bryce looks like he is having a smashing time. That is one heck of a big trailer... how many tons are you planning to load that with?


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