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Jasons one day class with Brian Brazeal

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Jason lives in a town near here and I think he saw Brian on Iforgeiron. He contacted Karen and ended up taking a one day class. I was working on a trailer but took some pics as I could. Brian said they stayed up till after 1:00 AM, (thats what I call a one day class) Jason had gotten there at 6:30 AM that same morning. Brian always says he will forge as long as you want to, its your class. There are some nice pics of them cutting a piece of stock that ended up being a large fuller for the hardy hole. I had to leave so did not get to see the finished hardy. Here are the pics https://picasaweb.google.com/LDWynn/JasonsTripToBrians#

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Thanks Brian
Are there any more links to pics for making your hammers. Up here in Ontario Canada there is not much available for tool making.
I am making the fullers used in the pics I have seen, but the sizes I may have to guess at. Just got in a 600 lb beater block that I can hit on, this will help.

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Look through Lyle Wynn's pics. There are most things you might want to know in these pics, inc. hammers, top tools , bottom tools etc...
also look at Brian's other pics

lots to learn in all of these photos

hope that halped


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