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Forging a knife


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Anybody know of a thread or sticky about drawing out a blade to shape? I think I have the general idea but any info would help. It would be cool to be able to do that as opposed to stock removal.

I did do a search as best I could - the results were all over the place and didn't really address the topic.


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A commonc question on heer is " how do I make metal into a shape I want.", That goes for this knief also. To expect to be able to read wot one or more of us say about tat and have that translate into a blade is more than can usually be expected. Let me explain more: Forging a blade (or any other object) is more than most folks can do when they begin. Or more simply put; you have to heat and beat some metal. Learn wot happens when you strike the steel, wot kind of hammers and waot parts of the anvil make steel do exactly wot. While forging you need to leaern how body mechanics affect how your work is shaped and how to avoid injuries by improper techniques. The book I recomnded to as part of an earlier thread , The complete bladesmith has lots of answers for you. But if you wish to shorten thelearning lcurve al ot you need some one on one or group instruction to at least get a sampling of basic forging. Ok so wot if yoiu do not take my advice and seek that out? Not alot. You may be able to forge a fine blade ev erytime you fire the forge and life is good. But the odds say it will not happ0en quite like thatr. First thing is to fire a forge and beat on some metal and see how it goes. Then make a list or remember how it went and where you need help. Good luck

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"The Complete Bladesmith" James Hrisoulas your local public library can ILL this for you! (Here in NM it runs me US$1 to ILL a book that costs several hundred dollars *used* and I get to keep it for 3 weeks!) (I'll give you a hint: several hundred pages of info written by a master is *much* better than a couple of pages written by "Who Knows?" How many "this is how you do it" web sites are there out there where the author says "I've only done this 1 time and this is how you should do it...)

As knives come in a wide range of shapes it's rather hard to tell you how to do it as the answers differ.

One basic thing though: when you forge in blade bevels the piece will start to curve away from the edge. This can be dealt with in several ways: 1: precurve the stock the opposite way so that forging in the bevels results in the blade straightening! 2: As the blade arches, heat well and place on anvil so the arch is up and tap it back down so it's straight---this can be done on even quite thin blades though using a wooden mallet can help in those cases. 3: make a double edged blade so doing the bevels on one side is counteracted by doing the bevels on the other side---helps to work both sides together rather than doing one and then trying to do the other.

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Yeah, just getting back into knifemaking and smithing after 30 years, figgered I'd try to do it right this time.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

It sounds like you're just starting out. If someone hasn't suggested it yet, check the ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Assn. of N. America) site for an affiliate close to you, attend a meeting and you'll likely find someone willing to show you the basics.

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