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a medieval tripod

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While on holiday here in England, I saw a tripod that I thought was so simple and efficient I had to share it with IFI. take three pieces of 1/2" round bar about 6' long and forge eyes in one end of each,large enough to easily pass a 1/2" round bar through.these eyes will be stacked one on top of each other, with a bend of about 30 degrees in each leg. The top one will be the longest from the eye to the bend, the second will be shorter and the third one will be the shortest so it will fold flat. Forge a hook from a short piece of 1/2" round and pass it through the three eyes and upset the top so it will not come out of the eye. with a little adjusting of the length of the legs you will have a tripod that will fold flat and easily set up over a campfire.

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hey dan! it was really nice you comming to my shop on sunday! i hope the rest of your stay in england is good!
Neat by the way... where did you see that design?


p.s sorry for not posting pics of your visit... been busy

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Sounds like it is based on the Oseberg Tripod from a viking age ship burial.

The neat thing about that one is that as it's made from real wrought iron you can get an idea of the size of a viking era forge's hot spot by how much they could twist in 1 go...

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