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Early Nazel numbers...

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That looks like it is page 140 out of "A Blacksmith's & Hammerman's Emporium" Douglas Freund (Book, 2001)
Douglas states on page 119:
"With more than 1,000 Beche self-contained pneumatic forging hammers in operation in Europe, the Nazel Engineering & Machine Works obtained a license to manufacture the hammer sin the United States. Initially Nazel represented Beche&Grohs, of Huckswagen, Germany, and supplied German built machines; but in the Spring of 1090, Nazel draftsmen began to prepare drawing for hammers to be manufactured in Philadelphia. The Nazel line of power forging hammers was proudly advertised in a series of brochures entiltled, The Nazel Hammer Book."
the 1914 edition in what is in the above book and "reveals the Nazel line in transition".

Has anyone seen a "Girder Hammer" for "Heavy and Large Plate Work and Hollow Ware" page 154 of the book
or the "Speed Hammer"..which looks like a planishing machine?


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Thus far nobody has shown me a repair manual..I do not have one at least....well...other than Mark Krause's book....and the video by Bob Bergman ....and the online information and plans by somebody with your name.....

As soon as I can figure it out I'll be listing the booklets and other odd info I have in PDF form on my website so folk can download the info...nothing proprietary like the above, but older nazel and chambersburg lit I have.
It would be nice to keep track of where the existing hammers are...or rather.. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW...when I am interested in another hammer.....totally self serving I admit.

I know a 2B was just rebuilt and went from WI to NH to live another generation....I recently saw pictures of it airborne coming off the truck.

Sorry I can't help...

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Ric, I don't know if you have the United and Lobdell catalogs on Nazel - but if not I have scanned all the info onto our group's web site (New England Blacksmiths). I also included information and brochures that Tony Millam sent to me as he used to own a couple trailer loads of Fairbanks, Dupont, and Beaudry parts and the accompanying literature.


That hammer you're talking about went from Bob Bergman's to David Kahn's and I helped put it in place with Terry on Saturday (but you probably knew that). :-)

There's a lot of good pictures on Facebook of Nazel rebuilds (like Keane Paradiso's, Mine, and Mark Krause has posted many great pictures of repairs he'd been doing before he ran into problems. I miss his sage advice on these hammers.

On the topic of old hammers - here's my serial number 24 with the ID tag still saying Beeche Pat. on it. This hammer was put into service in 1907. She runs great after a five year reworking.



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Well heck,
I just spent quite a bit of time doing this with the brochures I have..wish I had known you already did this....
Click on the pictures on the bottom for larger images


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Ric, Looks like we spent a lot of time on different scanners together :-) ............... At least we're getting the info out there for others. I've also got Mark's book - but came close when a defense contrator in the area had a retired mechanic that maintained eight 3 & 4 B's for their company. He developed alzhiemers before I got to him - but what a resource that man would have been. I figured if anyone had a repair manual - or lots of literature and correspondence from the original companies - it would have been him.

Judson, There's some good info on lots of the different power hammers on the NEB page. I've had several people send me pristine manuals and literature in the hopes I'd scan and post it for the future reference of others............there's day's it's kind of cool to be the web master for NEB. I looked up a post David Kahn made to Iforgeiron and started reading some other posts. Work has been nuts lately (7 days a week kind of nuts) - so I don't know how long I'll keep looking up the posts in the evening.

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