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A very long time ago I made my wife a little food chopper, you know kind of like the Native Americans use in Alaska. Today I came across this little beauty on eBay and thought that perhaps some of you out there that make kitchen tools for sale could use a tiny bit of inspiration for a new kitchen food processor. Here you go big time! :blink:
This one is big enough that you could pierce it with a jewelers saw and make a cut out of just about any scene you could think of, wild horses, cowboys, buffaloes, forest scenes, jungles, well let your mind run wild! Have fun with it :P


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Just think how fast you could chop up cabbage for sauerkraut or cole slaw or to chop up tobacco for chewing, meat for pemmican, it would be a conversation starter for sure at your booth, of course you would have smaller versions for the "modern" house wife to use but you may get a few takes for this monster. Here is another use for all those old disk blades you got hanging around your place, right? :P
Yeah, I know the difference between a ulu and this beast, my wife alway want a ulu but I never got around to making her one but I did make her other choppers somewhat like this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ANTIQUE-HAND-FORGED-FOOD-CHOPPER-/360359374473?pt=Folk_Art&hash=item53e717ae89 out of circular saw blades and she liked them OK but she always wanted one of theses http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Alaskan-Made-Moose-Antler-Ulu-Knife-WOLF-Design-/360363869851?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53e75c469b like her gal friend brought back from a cruise. I couldn't see all that much difference myself but she always insisted there was. :mellow:

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If I have that much chopping to do I will use my 14" Hobart Buffalo chopper.

I have seen Alaskan Ulu's at the local thrift stores from time to time. They appeared to be someones souvenir from a long ago vacation.

The leather working tool is a called a head, or round knife depending on who you talk to.

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