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Historian needs help!

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Hi guys, I just joined the forums in search of help/direction. Thanks for having me.

In a few years I will graduate with my doctorate in Ancient History. Seeing as I will be teaching at a university, I've always liked the idea of having sets of armor and weaponry on hand to display, pertaining to the day's lecture. For example, if I'm teaching about the Peloponnesian War, I need want to bring a set of bronze Hoplite armor, hoplon shield, etc. While I understand the cost of such an extensive collection, I feel that it is important to have visual aids. Why look at a drawing of a Hoplite when you, the student, can put on his armor and feel the weight of it?

I'm sure that experienced armorsmiths are few and far between. However, if there is anyone I could go to specifically to have armor crafted over the years, I would be greatly appreciatitive. I myself would love to learn to Smith, but I know that having the skill to create such items would take many years of practice, so I won't be able to walk in and slap some armor together. I live in East Tennessee if that helps at all.

Who in the Southeast is a highly experienced armorsmith?
Who near East Tennessee can I contact about an apprenticeship?

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May I commend to your attention the forums over at armourarchive.org as they are dedicated to the making and using of armour from a wide period of time.

To get top of the line armour you may want to not limit your location. Folks like Ugo who does Negroli quality work out on the west coast; shouldn't be cut from your list!

And yes they like to use the english spelling of armour---an affectation to be sure!

There are several groups that focus on living history grade ancient armour around and I'm sure you can track them down over there. There may even be someone in such a group in your area!

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you.

Might I recommend contacting groups who reenact various periods of history. It might be possible to get someone interested in bringing their armor in and demonstrating how it's worn, used and what kind of weapon it's designed for. Most folk in these organizations love to show off their gear and help educate folk on it's use.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Wish I wasn't about to leave for NY, I'm in Boone and could help. You going to UT? ETSU? Dunno of anyone who is knowledgeable about that period or the industrial skill set that goes with it. There are a couple of folks on the forum here that are from our neck of the woods, hopefully they'll chime in since I can't remember their handles. In the meantime, check this site out, it's similar to what you're proposing.

Bronze Age Reenacting

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