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It would not be hard to make a mold and make it out of concrete however it wouldn't be much good as a mandrel. Pounding hot steel against concrete rapidly errodes the concrete and can create quicklime dust as well.

The original floor standing cones were cast iron and are now quite expensive

However at blacksmithing conferences you can often find "improvised" versions.

At Quad-State there has been both small (6-8"?) steel cones that started life as test samples from a steel company and larger, (3' tall?), steel cones that were nose cones for ballistic missles that failed QC check.


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Sorry if this is off topic, but the slot in that last pic.. I believe is called a tong slot or something. How is that used? I have seen a few on the internet that mention the slot but I have yet to see any explanation on how to use it.
Just curious. Thanks.


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Ah.. I see.

As for cones..

cheap.. Poor Boy Blacksmith. $18 made with the poor man's techniques. (ebay store)
eBay Store - Poor Boy Blacksmith Tools: Category 1

As for cones, Centaur has one for $51
Your best resource for farrier and blacksmith supplies

Blacksmiths Depot has one for $60
Blacksmiths Depot | Blacksmith and metalworker tools and supplies

Have not done any business with any of these places. Just places I have found while searching the web.

poor boy is about as cheap as you are going to get (they use square tubing for the hardy pin) and might be worth the few bucks.

Cheapest I can think to make one is to make a frame out of rod and put a skin of sheet metal or something.. possibly fill with a good concrete.
Another option that I have seen on here is to use different sizes of steel tubing for the different ring sizes. Not the best if you need a taper for spreading a ring more.

Good luck.

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G'day all!

Here's two options...

Firstly, if you know someone with a lathe, you can knock out a small mandrel from a piece of axle. I have one in the pipeline made from truck axle, cut to about 350mm long and 40mm wide. Weld a shank on, an you're good to go.

There's another way of doing it, which is better for the larger rings, where you weld a mandrel up out of heavy plate and spare 10mm rod. We have one down the workshop, and I can take a couple photos next time I'm in.

Anyway, hope this helps! Good luck!

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