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Hi Everyone, I'm Nick. 22 d dabbling engineer/ fitter from the Yarra Valley Victoria Australia.
My passion is steam and in my spare time i work at two railways aswel as build my own locomotives.
I have been interested in Smithing for many years now and was directed here by my Local Blacksmith.
Hope to learn alot and absorb as much as i can about this wonderful art.

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G'day Cobber! welcome to IFI! Its a wonderful site here. Your blacksmith friend dint steer you wrong. I got a friend in England, who is a great smith and has built (restored, with his mates) a mine steamer, and several miles of track. Give him a holla, tell him Danny Arnold sent you. he is Godfrey South at www darenthvalleyforge . co. UK

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G'Day Nick ,

Firstly welcome ta the site .

Another from the Upper Yarra Valley .. :)

I'm at Wesburn . Is another smith at Launching Place , Andy ( aka Jack Smith )
We'll ave ta get together & bash iron / drink tinnies

Bung youse name inta this as well bloke .. http://www.iforgeiro...6-oz-roll-call/

Dale Russell

P.S .. PM me & we'll arrange ta meet up

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Hi Nick.
Welcome from Lithgow NSW, home of Ironfest, the Zig Zag Railway, and the State Mine Museum (which has a multi-million dollar, government funded workshop that is used to work on rolling stock, as well as an ex-Portland Cement Works steam loco that was still in use when I worked at the Portland Works 35 years ago).
Thought all that steam might get your attention.


p.s. Dale, who is in your area, is good value.

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Hi All,
Phil H, that sound rather interesting, should i eventually go on my world tour i'll have to add the State mine museum to the list, and thats sure an interesting history you have there.
Ratel10mm, I wouldn't be to concerned, it was actually Dale that sent me here, after conversing at many an event. Then again, theirs nothing wring with working in "tin"
CurleyGeorge, heres some pics for ya mate :)

and what it will become:
for info on the prototype: My link

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