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Joined up last week, neglected to introduce myself.

I'm getting back into knifemaking as a hobby (did some 30 years ago). Just built a small coal forge (steel Honda wheel on legs, hair dryer air supply).

Anyhow, looking forward to interacting.


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May I suggest you add your general location? If I'm close I'd be happy for you to stop by my shop sometimes here in Central NM; but if you are in Australia---well it'd be a bit more of a bother what?

Internets are good for some things but actually seeing or getting hands on instruction can really speed up your learning curve.

If you are in the USA there are a number of ABANA affiliates that hold regular meetings that are open to the public, http://www.abana-chapter.com/ has a list of them.

If you are in England, Germany or Canada there are similar Organizations and we have quite a few smiths from all over the world that participate here.

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Hey Mike,
Welcome to IFI. Lots of things to learn here and for you to share here. As Thomas said, nothing beats learning from and working with others. Pull up a stump and sit a spell. Look forward to seeing and hearing what you are up to.


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