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Odd leg calipers

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For a long time now I wanted to try building a set of calipers. I have held a fascination with them for a very long time and they seemed pretty straight forward. I could have used a set of odd leg ones on a project a while back so decided to put them on my list to get. So with this build I killed 2 birds with one stone.
Since this was really just to see if I could do it I used mild steel for all but the spring. Purchased a 4" x 1/4-20 machine screw for the adjuster. The posts were 1/2" rod. Turned a 3/8" long section down to 1/4" on the lathe to mount though the leg. A washer and then riveted the head down on the back. over did that a bit so I had to take a while loosening them up. but they work great now. Overall length is 12" as I wanted more range than a tiny set would give me.
Typically springs have been a problem for me, but I learned a lot on this build about how to make a spring and am comfortable with the strength and tension in this one.
I will build a nicer nut and case harden the tips before I put them away. B)


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Peter Ross's work is very nice, thanks for the comments guys.
I was thinking of case hardening the tips only, just to protect them as they are small and fragile and I want to maintain a clean line to mark against. my end goal is a pair of cable damascus ones. this was really just to see if I could accomplish the basic form. The spring was my main worry, but now that I know I can handle it I won't be as concerned that I am wasting my time. :)

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