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I Forge Iron

Brasstown N.C. 4/23-4/24

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A guy I welded for went to FBCreguarly. I've never been but if you like motorcycles, freedom and Christ then perhaps it is your cup of tea he raved. Or you're always welcome to come eat dinner with the family and talk shop, but the Raleigh is a trek :P

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Went to JCC a couple of years ago and took an intermediate class to work on my forge welding. Going back this time for two classes. The first week is a class by Clay Spencer on traditional joinery and then the second week I'm taking a class by Rick Jay on natural art forms, either a bonsai tree or a set of antlers. I will probably load my bike up in the truck and ride the weekend between the two classes but thought if someone wanted to share a fire and swap knowledge I'd take full advantage of the weekend.

I ride but keep my beliefs to myself, If i head your way I'll give you a shout,


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Mr Clay is really good! I took is fall class and REALLY wanted to take the spring class, but I have a craft fair on that weekend.

I took my bike when I went too. The trails are walking specific, but I usually rode on them. So long as you don't fly along everyone seems ok with it.

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