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I live 15-20 minutes away from St. Louis and I have finally set up a forge and blower. And the problem is, I cant teach myself how to blacksmith very well, And i cant seem to find a fellow blacksmith near me to talk to. (and hopefully learn and get tips from) I've probably watched a million videos online about blacksmithing and whatnot. But until your hand is holding the hammer to the metal, your not learning much. So I'd greatly appreciate mabye a comment or a pm on a local blacksmith or shop or something!


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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! You, son, are in a blacksmithing haven! check this site for their next meeting and then GO!! http://www.bamsite.org This is the ABANA group in your area. Any one of them would be more than happy to give you a hand, some may even have beginner classes at their shop on occasion. I Highly recommend you hooking up with them. In the meantime enjoy this site! We have tons of info here if you are willing to search and read. once again, welcome.

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Hell'o from Steelville, MO, 1 1/2 hour southwest of St. Louis. If you would edit your profile as to your location, we would know your location. 15 minutes Northeast of St. Louis would be 45 minutes farther from me than, 15 minutes Southwest of St. Louis. There are blacksmiths, that I know in St. Louis, Fenton, High Ridge, Washington, Desoto, Old Mines, in Missouri. Granite City, Beleville, Pickneyville, in Illinois. Any of us would be willing to help you.


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