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one China made anvil

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You have a great selection of anvil tools there. These really cut down on the stress on the cast iron face. You probably already know that the most challenging operation is using the anvil edge. In that case, a nice round fuller in the hardy hole may substitute for that fragile edge.

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Thanks everyone!!

I think that I made a mistake about the ball hardy tools. It should be ground more. That is reasonable. But ball hardy tools are uncommon, I don't known why I made them, I just made them.

I think that varies hardy tools are very important for blacksmithing, the edges of anvil face too.

Philip in china, I guess you took that photo of the statue. I downloaded it from ANVILfire? Now I can't remember the website. It is very difficult for me to find a London pattern anvil, really hard to see in our city. There are some casting workshops nearby to me. I'll custom one when I have more money. The cost is too ..... My now anvil works good.



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I'm in an organization that does medieval Europe re-creation and ball stakes are one of the most common items---used by all the people making armour, So they tend to want them on a long stem so as to be able to shift dished armour pieces around them and not hit the anvil.

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