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New (old) Solid Fuel Forge


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I worked on a couple of solid fuel forges when I first started out but relocated several times and found propane was better for the hood (fewer complaints from the neighbors). Now I am located somewhere where solid fuel is a little more acceptable. I had been looking for a solid fuel forge for a while when a family member found this. They bought it for me sight unseen for $175. It needed a couple of nuts and bolts. The leather was still pretty good. I think it is early 1900s vintage but haven't pinned that down for sure. If anyone has some details on this particular model, I would appreciate a response. I won't use it all of the time but solid fuel does have someadvantages over propane. The 'motor' works cheap if I let him hammer.



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Wow! That is a great deal. You are lucky to have family that looks out for you. Nice looking forge. I have a motor just like it but it only comes to visit every now and then. Treat the motor kindly and it should last you a long time. :D

Enjoy it.


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I had a cast iron forge with a round firepot where the firepot was trashed and I made a replacement for it from the axle covers from a banjo rear end---often found made into jack stands. I bout a set of "jack stands" for $3 and ground out the internal ridges and bearing and have been using it for the last 25 years---and I have the other one for when this one gives out. (no sign of that so far!)

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