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Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

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No it's not Christmas and I'm not Santa!

However, it is spring and to me, that is the most wonderful time of the year!

Here is a hoe I made from a lawn mower blade. It is about 7-8 inches long I think. The only forging in it was to flatten the blade and then to forge the angle for the blade on the hoe.
Tempering was guess work, and I wanted to go too soft rather than too brittle, because I didn't want it to break after I drove it onto the handle.
I heated to non-magnetic and quenched a little less than half of the blade in motor oil. I let it sit for a second and then pulled it out and hit it with the grinder. I let the color run until the blue was near the edge of the blade and then stuck it back in. After a few seconds I took it back out and let a bronze reach the blade and then quenched the entire thing. I don't know much about heat treating, but the hoe held an edge while mixing 12 bags of concrete and it did not chip or break.

The shaft is 1/2" square. I split it to allow more surface area for welding. (I would have attempted forge welding, but I was pressed for time.) I mig welded the shaft on before heat treating. (Or whatever it was I did! LOL)

Anyway, here are some pictures!

The apparent chip in the center of the blade is actually a burn spot. (Got it a wee bit too hot! LOL)

Sorry to administration if this is posted in the wrong place. It is mostly forge work and though it is a tool it is not a blacksmith related tool, so I figured it should be here! :)

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