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show us your first knife


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simple as that, show us your first smithed knife, as rough as they are they're always interesting. i guess starting the thread makes it obligatory to post mine, so here it is

Test run of a kitchen knife from a spike.
Didn't like the look of the grip, pulled it off and back to the design board.


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Not the first one but the first of its kind. Not the greatest knife, but pretty good for a beginner I think. Blade was rough forged by brother from half-round file and antler handle guard and pins are brass. The fit could have been better but I am pleased.






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This was "technically" the fourth knife I ever completed, but the first time for forging and the first that I would consider a usable knife. I have been experimenting lately with patinas and right now the knife is looking like it was buried for a few decades... :) I'll take some pics of that tonite if I can remember...

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This is my first completed forged knife. I finished it about a month ago. Its the first of three in this style that I managed to get out of a single harrow rake.

Blade: Forged 1084 (from a 75+ yr old harrow rake) with a 10 1/4" cutting edge. Forged bevels and 3/16"-zero taper at the spine. 2000 grit hand rubbed finish w/ forge-finished flats.

Handle: Crotch Sugar Maple with a weathered moose antler bolster. Tung oil and buffed conservator's wax finish.





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