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Just wondering if anyone has ever built an anvil stand that has wheels, or has an idea on how you would do it. I could be wrong but would the wheels take away some of the effiecency of the hammer swing. Obviously you would have to have some way to lock the wheels or disable them, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to do that ( I was thinking maybe putting a metal bar that would come down on the wheel so that it won't spin, kind of like on scaffolding).

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According to the experts, anvils should be mounted on a solid block
of timber (mine isn't).
If one is mounted on a steel stand with wheels, the wheels would have
to be off the floor during use (as previously stated) to keep the stand
as ridgid as possible.


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One thing for sure. There are as many experts as there are internet connections. I am NOT one of the experts. My shop anvil stand is made from angle. I can move it as needed. 147 # Hay Budden. I really have no issues with it being solid although it is not like the trailer anvil, 115 # Hay Budden, ( that sets on a block that in turn sets in dirt when I'm out ). Nor is it like the museum stand that is 4 pieces of bridge plank bolted together and the anvil (200 # Peter Wright) sets on the end grain. These both are a bit more solid but I really have no problem or issues with the angle iron stand. I can put my left foot under the stand or up on the first shelf to relieve tension sometimes. Yeah, the anvil will move a bit sometimes but not really a problem. I know an old smith/welder/shop man that has a piece of 8" pipe through the cement and into the ground 4 feet. This pipe is filled with cement. Piece of plate welded on top of this for the anvil to set on. He can hook a chain to this stand and pull auger flighting if he wishes. Different needs for different folks. Solid is a little better though. An anvil on a wheeled truck ( like an appliance dolly ) with removable handle would be fine in my opinion. Richards lift truck tine appears to work fine for him as well.

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