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blow out at 3500


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After looking at the photograph you posted, I have some questions:
1. Are there any plugs or parts on the underside sticking out?
2. Is this the same side that is bolted down?
3. Do you know if the relief valve was closed off?

Ensure when bolting down any valve that there is no uneven pressure on the valve block. Such strain may cause weakening and/or enough pressure to not allow a valve to relieve pressure.
Hydraulics is not the place to 'think it's okay', it must be perfect or don't even start.

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Ok...there was no pressure relief valve on this system when it blew..there is now though...I got it located before the valave with the overpressure relief line running back to the tank. One of the problems of designing a system when you really don't have all the info you need...


On the filter..I have two can filters, one on the tank between the tank and pump and one on the line on the return to the tank, both on the "low pressure" lines..

Boy I tell ya this was a total mess to clean up though...but I am back up and running....


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