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Hi, my name's Patrick. Don't call me Pat, 'cause that's my father.

I stumbled upon this site looking for swage blocks, took a look around, and decided that I had to join.

I actually found the swage block I set out to find, just need to save up for it... check it out here. The only problem I see, is that I could probably make something similar for far less, with better materials. I'm not a big fan of cast iron. If it was cast steel, I'd like it a whole lot more.

And about cast steel. Harbour Freight, sells a 110 lb cast steel anvil (well they used to, it's discontinued, but in stock) for around $100. Is that a good price?

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Welcome to the site. Swage blocks are useful tools when needed. For the one time use, inside or outside curves from many items can be used. See Blueprint BP0184.

Seek out a blacksmithing group near you and ask if they know of any anvils that are available. Usually they can point you toward a reasonably priced anvil.

Ask everyone you see if they know where you can find an anvil. The item may not be there when you return, so have cash in your pocket. Real anvils are out there and can be purchased, but you have to sometimes look for them.

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