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  1. The trade item for our December meeting is a Christmas ornament. This is what I came up with.
  2. Happy Birthday pal and wishing you many more!

  3. Thought I would try to make a "skeleton" handled knife. The first attempt was not quite what I had in mind. So the second picture is after chaneing some steps and adding some steps in the handle forgeing process. Let me know what you think. Aaron
  4. I purchased a drift from Kayne and Sons and am very pleased with it. the top has mushroomed a bit but I keep it cleaned up whith the belt sander and it has not been a problem. Aaron
  5. Tiapan Thanks for the nice coments. The last one was a big hunk of mystery steel. The leather wraps are stitched on and held in place with apolstery tacks or copper and or brass plated brads. Aaron
  6. CurlyGeorge I managed to get the first image resized. The rest of them are not cooperating . Aaron
  7. ]The camera was laying on the table so I took some pics of my most recent hawks.Critique is welcomed. Aaron
  8. Thanks for the replys. I ordered a drift and a handle from blacksmiths depot. Will probably order some more handles from haversack/blackbear trading as well. Aaron
  9. I am currently making my own hawk handles and I have a drift that I made. This has been working so far. But I would like to buy a drift and the handles. Was wondering if anybody could recomend a source. I would prefer to purchase both from the same source. I have googled it and there are several choices. Just wondering if anybody had a prefferance. Aaron
  10. Welcome to I.F.I. Have you checked into H.A.B.A. yet ? They are good group, might even some members close to you. Aaron
  11. inuroku842 Balconesforge is having our big demo this month we are bringing in Gordon Williams. I am in Converse which is a suburb of San Antonio . pm me or email me at [email protected] Aaron
  12. Don't know how far this would be for you. But Gordon williams gives classes at pieh tool co. . He did a spring workshop and demo for our Texas group a while back . I wasn't able to attend any of his classes but the demo was very imformative . We liked him so much we are haveing him back in april. Here is the link to pieh tools site http://www.piehtoolco.com/contents/en-us/d1460.html . Aaron Tilton
  13. Just saw HWHII'S post for the Arizona hammer in. Thought I would post a link to Balcones Forge's big demo same weekend. Gordon Williams is going to be the demonstrator. http://www.balconesforge.org/ A little friendly competiton never hurts anyone . Aaron
  14. You might be a blacksmith if you have ever used a dutch oven and an oxy/accetaline torch to cook anything. A.S.T.
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