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I Forge Iron

River found Axe

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Whilst walking by the thames one fine morn I could not help but notice this grubby rusty lump protruding from the mud...........................

Something lost in a river for 1000 years?

Oh look what the thames spewed up ..... must be the london water !!

Here is a small axe I have made inspired from the really badly over etched river finds I keep seeing in museum back rooms .

Blade is wrought iron and 15n20 and high layer damascus at the edge ( which I had to polish out in the end Doh ! ) Bow tie construction . 4" edge 5 3.5 long and 1 1.4 in the socket .
Handle is ash and 25 inches...
A light axe with a long handle is a fearsome think to behold (and hold) not really a tool for wood!


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Very nice work (as always). Unique style as well.

Do you ever have the opportunity to actually search for artifacts in your area?

I ask because I just recently bought a metal detector, and in looking through some of the detecting forums, I find myself quite envious of you lads in the old country.

Thanks for sharing your work. Very inspirational.


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