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little press


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a year or two back i got a little press from the scrap at school, and today i managed to finaly get looking at it and i thought i would need to replace the screw. started to disassemble everything to take an assesment on any damage, once the grime and rust was loosen it turned very nice and the missing threads on the screw didnt bother it, greased everything up and re-assembled then started debating how i wanted to use it. i settled on making a holder that it can fit into and put a hardy shank on it then make another holder for mounting on a bench



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Wile it is a cool looking little thing I doubt it will be of much use around the forge. A vise will produce more pressure than that even a large C clamp will do better. It may be of some use as part or a jig or fixture to do bending but I don't see it being able to do anything better at the forge that a hand hammer can do.

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I agree with sothshoresmith that this press most probably was used in some sort of mechanical job and not blacksmithing. This press reminds me a riveting tool for chains, like this,


or a jewellery/clock press or something like that. The fact that you cannot use this press for blacksmithing does not mean that you cannot use it in other useful jobs. In my case I would adopt it to rivet chainsaw chains.

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