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Has anyone dealt with Mojave Southern Machine works?

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I ordered their Blacksmith's Helper two months ago, called him and he said it was "almost done".
I had hoped that the unit would have been delivered by now but it's still not here. And now, I'm not getting any replies to my emails.
Have I thrown $130.00 out the window?

Anyone have info on this guy?

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If it the same guy- I see him at CBA spring conference every year. Seems like a stand up guy but my purchases have always been cash and carry. He makes nice tools, I hope he hasn't fallen on hard times.... I'm assuming you have tried to call him again? Good luck.

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I know this is an old post but I ordered a month ago a Smoosh-O-Matic from Mojave Southern Machine Work too. I waited 2-3 weeks and didn't receive any email for the shipping price, so I wrote them an email and they said that they will get the post office flat rate price in the next days and that they will get back to me with this.... still no email after 2 weeks. Now it's been a month, I ordered the 5th of June and no answer from my email. Is it normal that it is so long for a small object? I think if next week I don't get any answer, I'll want a refund. Paying for something you don't get is frustrating.


P.Bedard, did you finaly receive your blacksmith helper? If so, after how many month or weeks?


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Sometimes a call to the local Chamber of Commerce will bring information to light. Not that it is their job to do so but many times their response was the real answer...and I NEVER liked the answer that was given. It can be a shame to get information that way.


Good luck on your project.




Carry on

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