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Straightening a leg vise..


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OK, heat and beat. Hopefully the last hello of minus 10 is tonight, I'll have to waste some propane to warm the anvil tomorrow but I can handle the move and hammer. I pick up my new outside anvil in the next day or two: a 5x5x10" chunk of 4140, I'll sink it in my oak stump in a month or two and commence to 'work harden' it. I'm really stoked to get to heatin' n beatin' on some of the small pile of unknown scrap, RR spikes and old files.

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If you have a sawmill located near by, you can stop in and ask them if they have rail road cross-tie ends. They work great for beating on just about anything like that. Also work great for blocking up things if needed. I use them often on heavy equipment.

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Legs should be mild or even real wrought iron. IIRC there are some out there done in ductile though. Did you spark test it?

Well that did'nt take but 5 minutes. Not much spark flying on a test, maybe it is WI. Heated it up to orange, laid it across the anvil and tapped it a few times with my hammer, now it's straight as before! It's a restoration project, the spring and mount are missing, there's a coil spring tacked on (in the wrong place to work well) and some angle iron welded to it. All that comes off!
It's supposed to be in the mid-thirties this weekend so outside work will be OK.
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